My Wild & Well Life – Jamie Catto

Jamie Catto was a founding member of Faithless and has worked as a producer/composer for renowned artists such as Dido and Emiliana Torrini. In 1999, he and Duncan Bridgeman formed the double Grammy-nominated global music and film project 1 Giant Leap which fuses sounds, images and words from artists and thinkers around the globe. Jamie is also a human rights activist and conducts acclaimed inspirational workshops.

At Wild & Well this October (20th and 21st), Jamie’s workshop – ‘The Best Sex Ever’ – will help us to build deeper and more nourishing connections in our relationships.

Where do you live?

Nomadically out of a bag

Describe your approach to wellbeing in five words

Turn towards it curiously, kindly

Where do you go to reconnect with nature?

Hampstead Heath

Describe your typical day

8am school run, 9am-3pm Creative and Clients, 3pm School run – 4pm-2am Kids and clients and reading and watching and galavanting

What’s the best piece of advice anyone has given you about your health and wellbeing?

Acceptance and self care with no agenda to get rid of anything

How do you exercise?

Too rarely, walking, stretching

How do you approach your mental health?

Be very careful with what I expose myself to and show up for trauma release therapies

What single thing would make you happier?

More stillness, more contact with people who aren’t clients or kids

What’s your poison?

Pot, science fiction

Where do you go to get away from it all?

Deia, Mallorca, a village where a used to live from 2005-2011

What are the most important things in life?

Peace of mind, having one’s gifts received, loving touch

Who or what inspires you?

Courage, authenticity, literature, reconciliation

Describe your current state of mind

A bit shaky with this week’s cortisol, liminal


Wild and Well
Wild and Well