Mental Health Events at Wild & Well

Mental health is a huge part of the Wild & Well programme. Helping people to understand and overcome mental health challenges was always one of our main reasons for starting this festival. At this year’s Wild & Well (October 20th and 21st), we’ll be investigating the world within us and the world around us and looking at how both impact our mental health. We’ll also hear from a diverse range of people who have overcome depression, anxiety and burnout in inspiring and innovative ways. Here’s a little round up of just a few events from mental health programme…

The Nature Cure: Nature Connection and Mental Health

This panel talk is definitely one of our highlights. Hear the incredible and inspiring stories of people who reconnected with the wild as a response to mental health crisis, bereavement and burnout and how nature aided their healing. We’ll explore why nature is so good for us and the magic of reciprocity when we give back to nature too.

Sunday, October 21st 10:00-11:00, We The Curious 

Understanding Anxiety and Depression

This is a practical, interactive and lively workshop exploring the difference between diagnosis and personal experience of anxiety and depression. These two perspectives can be quite different. Which is more important? Do I need a diagnosis? What difference does it make? Once we establish the grounds, we’ll move on to practicalities: how can I self-care and how can I support others going through difficult times related to anxiety and depression?

Saturday, October 20th 13:00-14:00. We The Curious 

Evolving Medicine Beyond Prescription

As the medical profession increasingly advocates alternative health solutions for individuals and communities, our panel will explore how GP surgeries are using community connection as a way to reduce NHS pressure, how doctors are using alternative solutions for stress and how leading organisations are offering holistic approaches to cancer and other diseases.

Saturday, October 20th 10:00-11:00. We The Curious 

Building Resilience

If you have ever experienced a difficult, challenging or stressful time and would like to learn some strategies to help you to cope more effectively, then this workshop is for you. Dr. Lucy Loveday will introduce you to several components based on the theme of resilience. This workshop will identify what really matters to you and create a space for you to begin to evaluate and navigate the ebbs and flows of your life.

Saturday, October 20th 13:00-14:00. We The Curious 

Reclaiming Your Life

The person you believe yourself to be is, in fact, a bundle of patterns you cobbled together as a child, in an attempt to cope with overwhelming situations you found yourself in. It was an attempt to keep yourself feeling safe when the adults around you couldn’t. It was the bravest and most creative thing you ever did. And yet, the consequence mean that for the rest of your life you’ve been reliving the same patterns over and over again, existing in a tiny space that belongs to the past. This is an opportunity to invite yourself back, to discover and reclaim the depth and potential of being who you truly are.

Saturday, October 20th 10:00-11:30 

The Connection Cafe

The connection cafe offers you the chance to connect with others through playful and meaningful techniques which have been honed over time. It’s an antidote to declining social and connection skills off our age. Its a place you can come and have permission to connect with others, be they friends or new connections.

Saturday, October 20th. 14:30-15:30

The Dark Matter: Young People’s Mental Health

​In this panel we discuss ways to talk to our children and young people about mental health, how to offer support and explore various ways to empower our children to find ways to cope with the stresses of the modern world.

Sunday, October 21st 16:30-17:30. We The Curious

Addiction and Ecopsychology

This workshop will explore the healing potential of nature in addiction recovery. Sharing a combination of personal anecdotes, clinical theory and experience Integrative counsellor Freddy Weaver will offer insights and an embodied exercise to take us deeper into our own relationships with the natural world and ourselves. Whether working with a chemical addiction or more subtle patterns of avoidance everyone is welcome.

Sunday, October 21st 10:00-11:00. We The Curious 

Nutrition and Mental Health

This interactive workshop will explore how diet can impact our mental health. Sue from Infinite Wellbeing will offer expert advice on foods to include and avoid, the top five nutrients to include in your diet and supplements that may be beneficial for you. You will leave with a tailor-made nutrition plan to support your mental wellbeing so you can thrive, not just survive.

Saturday, October 20th 11:30-12:30. We The Curious 


The natural preventative workshop to support your busy stressful life. Learn how to release your stress through boxing, understand stress with self reflective exercises and control stress with mindfulness. This new experience will have you thinking, aching and relaxing to fantastic music all at once.

Sunday, October 21st 12:00-12:45. M-Shed

Tai Chi Tea Party

Join Sam for a tea party like no other as he feeds you into the day with his mesmerising Tai Chi Tea Party for those with a focus to find. Tai Chi is a complete system of health, a form of meditation and a martial art. Regular practice will help you attain physical and emotional balance whilst dramatically improving your health and fitness. It is a practice that goes deeper than any other and can change your life profoundly. And then tea! What better start to the day could there be?

Sunday, October 21st 09:00-09:45. The Wild Kitchen, Ashton Court

The Cocoon – Restorative Space 

A little oasis of calm in the midst of the festival, The Cocoon’s programme of events will gently sooth our stress weary bodies and minds. This nurturing space will bring together some of our favourite techniques for rest and relaxation as well as topical discussion on one of the most important things in life…sleep! Take part in a sacred cacao ceremony, tickle your senses with Aroma Yoga, tune out with a Soundscape Meditation, take a journey into Mindfulness or join our Slow Deep Vinyasa Flow session with live hang drum and gong bath. We guarantee you’ll leave The Cocoon in a state of extreme relaxation!

Saturday and Sunday 10:00-17:00. M-Shed 




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