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    Tai Chi Tea Party

    Date: Sunday, October 21st
    Time: 9:00 am - 9:45 am
    Venue: Ashton Court; Yoga Spaces

    Join Sam for a tea party like no other as he feeds you into the day with his mesmerising Tai Chi Tea Party for those with a focus to find. A low impact form of exercise, Tai Chi can be practiced by anyone of any age or fitness level. Tai Chi is a complete system of health, a form of meditation and a martial art.

    Regular practice will help you attain physical and emotional balance whilst dramatically improving your health and fitness. It is a practice that goes deeper than any other and can change your life profoundly. For a calm mind and a strong body the best answer is always Tai Chi. And then tea. What better beginning to the day could there be?

    Wild and Well
    Wild and Well