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    Prana Vinyasa Flow

    Date: Saturday, October 20th
    Time: 10:00 am - 10:45 am
    Venue: M-Shed

    This is an energising and empowering style of yoga honouring one breath, one movement approach to deepen mind-body connection and increase strength and flexibility. Students of all levels will enjoy this class based on Shiva Rea’s innovative and creative methods of teaching yoga to create a sense of lightness and joy on the mat and in everyday life.

    In Prana Vinyasa we use energetic alignment in the flow, three-part vinyasa and intelligent, progressive wave sequencing as well as Krishnamacharya’s teachings of Vinyasa krama or stages of evolution. Prana Vinyasa works with movement patterns that flow from the opening meditation, gently opening and preparing the body for the peak pose, and to the regenerating practices at the end of the class.

    Our yoga programme is sponsored by ClassPass.

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    Wild and Well