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    Introduction to Mindfulness

    Date: Sunday, October 21st
    Time: 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
    Venue: We The Curious

    Mindfulness is said to have originated in Buddhist philosophy and meditation practice over 2500 years ago to address and relieve suffering caused by the dysfunctional ways people habitually tend to respond to their experience. The secularisation and popularisation of mindfulness was initiated by Jon Kabat-Zinn in the 1970s. He introduced the first eight week structured mindfulness programme based on his own knowledge of yoga and meditation techniques.

    Mindfulness is now primarily used to manage stress, pain, anxiety and depression through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment and without judgement. Mindfulness courses are usually eight weeks in length and provide a range of practical techniques which aid in relating differently to the world around us. Therefore we are able to choose to respond rather than react automatically, resulting in calmer, happier and healthier lives.

    This introductory session if for those who are curious about mindfulness and the benefits it offers.

    Wild and Well
    Wild and Well