Wild & Well Events to Fill You With Joy

If you want to experience heart bursting, beaming from ear to ear euphoric joy then we have a whole host of events to get you high on life! From silent disco workouts in the woods to a workshop on Awe, Wonder and Stargazing; a Tai Chi Tea Party to heart-warming lessons from The School of Kindness, this part of the programme is designed to leave you feeling all toasty on the inside.

Up ‘n Atom Morning Rave 

Rise and Shine and get up ‘n atom! Shake yourself awake and rave your way into the day. Get ON your face and INTO your box with this naturally fuelled conscious clubbing experience. Expect big beats, big moves and unite with other ravers outdoors to the power of dance!

Saturday, October 20th, Millennium Square

Awe, Wonder & Stargazing 

This  interactive talk will explore the bigger picture of where we are in the Universe and this amazing planet that we’re a part of. Using simple but thought provoking astronomy and stargazing, Living Alive create a perspective shifting glimpse of the ‘overview effect’. Following the talk they will be offering a guided ‘solar system walk’; an immersive experience of the cosmic perspective which will help you to grasp a sense of scale and a fresh appreciation for this ‘pale blue dot’ we call home.

Sunday, October 21st, Ashton Court

Tai Chi Tea Party 

Join Sam for a tea party like no other as he feeds you into the day with his mesmerising Tai Chi Tea Party for those with a focus to find. A low impact form of exercise, Tai Chi can be practiced by anyone of any age or fitness level. Tai Chi is a complete system of health, a form of meditation and a martial art. For a calm mind and a strong body the best answer is always Tai Chi. And then tea!

Sunday, October 21st, Brandon Hill

The School of Kindness 

Julian Wood learnt to live more gently through twelve-step recovery. He speaks seven languages but says that learning the language of kindness has been the greatest journey in his life. We will explore what kindness means to us, becoming aware of how we already share it and exploring how we can increase our acts of kindness everyday.

Sunday, October 21st, We The Curious

Jungle Runners 

Come and join our fun, friendly and immersive silent disco workout to drum & bass in the woods. Dance routines are woven between short, mixed ability runs. Classes are carefully designed to tread as lightly as possible, limiting our footfall impact whilst learning about and connecting to nature.

Saturday, October 20th and Sunday, October 21st, Ashton Court


DiscoRobics is a 45 minute fun, feel good fusion of aerobics, HIIT, barre and dance, guaranteed to make your butt wiggle and your soul giggle. Awesome tunes and some serious sass set the scene. Your spangliest fitness gear is highly encouraged. You don’t need an ounce of coordination either, this is a fitness class for everyone to enjoy. Get up, stand up and prepare to strut your funky stuff.

Sunday, October 21st, M-Shed


Vogue-Chi is a movement practice incorporating principles of both Tai-Chi and Vogue/Ballroom – a spectrum of dance styles and theatrical formats inspired by fashion, consolidated during the 80’s in New York by Black and Latino LGBT people. Vogue-Chi encourage participants to fully find new versions of themselves whilst exploring gender, unconventional beauty and shameless self-indulgence in a loving and safe environment.

Saturday, October 20th, M-Shed

Disco Soup 

Come chop and bop to the beat, learn recipes, make use of food that would have gone to waste and enjoy a feast together.  The disco soup concept started five years ago in Berlin as a ‘protest soup’ against food waste, and fed 8,000 people. It has since become an international phenomenon.

Saturday, October 20th. Brandon Hill

Soft Strength & Profound Resilience 

The world is changing fast. Towards what is still unclear but whether our eyes are darkly tinted or bright with possibilities we all long for a kinder, just, peaceful and flourishing world.  Mac Macartney explores the way of the peaceful warrior or spiritual activist, and the journey we can all take towards profound resilience.

Saturday, October 20th, We The Curious

Reggae Yoga

Combining the expressiveness of reggae music with the healing properties of yoga, this session includes a perfectly sculpted DJ playlist for an immersive and personal journey. Get ready to sweat & expect the unexpected. Let the power of breath and music move you. Expect a fun yet powerful experience for all ages and levels to enjoy.

Saturday, October 20th, M-Shed

Wild and Well
Wild and Well